Your Best Connection To America's List Market

Your Best Connection To America's List Market

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7211Power Laundries, Family And Commercial6427
7211Power Laundries, Family And Commercial, Nec271
7212Garment Pressing And Cleaners' Agents12986
7212Laundry And Drycleaner Agents112937
7212Garment Pressing888
7213Linen Supply4934
7213Linen Supply, Non-clothing2483
7213Linen Supply, Clothing3050
7215Coin-operated Laundries And Cleaning25970
7215Coin-operated Laundries And Cleaning, Nec15785
7216Drycleaning Plants, Except Rugs31581
7216Drycleaning Plants, Except Rugs, Nec19288
7217Carpet And Upholstery Cleaning40277
7217Carpet And Upholstery Cleaning On Customer Premises8535
7217Carpet And Upholstery Cleaning Plants2119
7218Industrial Launderers1974
7218Industrial Equipment Launderers261
7218Industrial Clothing Launderers800
7219Laundry And Garment Services, Nec4120
7219Garment Making, Alteration, And Repair15743
7219Accessory And Non-garment Cleaning And Repair280
7219Infant Laundry And Garment Services465
7219Hand Laundries11003
7219Laundry And Garment Services, Nec, Nec632
7221Photographic Studios, Portrait73470
7221Photographic Studios, Portrait, Nec126104
7231Beauty Shops635724
7231Cosmetology And Personal Hygiene Salons195969
7231Beauty Schools53980
7231Beauty Shops, Nec84938
7241Barber Shops109864
7241Barber Shops, Nec6740
7251Shoe Repair And Shoeshine Parlors2501
7251Shoe Repair Shops11859
7251Shoe Repair And Shoeshine Parlors, Nec720
7261Funeral Service And Crematories43947
7261Funeral Service And Crematories, Nec46821
7291Tax Return Preparation Services154807
7299Miscellaneous Personal Service57745
7299Personal Appearance Services121960
7299Massage Parlor And Steam Bath Services72340
7299Dating And Escort Services8605
7299House And Babysitting Services3032
7299Facility Rental And Party Planning Services47916
7299Personal Document And Information Services12440
7299Station Operation Services218
7299Stitching Services17079
7299Clothing Rental Services7654
7299Personal Financial Services7270
7299Personal Item Care And Storage Services2882
7299Consumer Purchasing Services3436
7299Miscellaneous Personal Services, Nec, Nec72736

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