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Your Best Connection To America's List Market

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5111Printing And Writing Paper5842
5111Printing And Writing Paper, Nec1273
5112Stationery And Office Supplies8452
5112Writing Instruments And Supplies479
5112Social Stationery And Greeting Cards8234
5112Albums, Scrapbooks And Binders1667
5112Computer And Photocopying Supplies1375
5112Office Filing Supplies744
5112Stationery And Office Supplies, Nec10105
5113Industrial And Personal Service Paper8023
5113Shipping Supplies8933
5113Disposable Plates, Cups, Napkins, And Eating Utensils783
5113Boxes And Containers9402
5113Industrial And Personal Service Paper, Nec4456
5122Drugs, Proprietaries, And Sundries8091
5122Cosmetics, Perfumes, And Hair Products9581
5122Drugs And Drug Proprietaries20735
5122Drugs, Proprietaries, And Sundries, Nec2140
5131Piece Goods And Notions3543
5131Piece Goods And Other Fabrics4699
5131Sewing Supplies And Notions9272
5131Piece Goods And Notions, Nec589
5136Men's And Boy's Clothing8231
5136Men's And Boys' Hats, Scarves, And Gloves798
5136Men's And Boys' Robes, Nightwear, And Undergarments158
5136Men's And Boys' Outerwear1296
5136Men's And Boys' Furnishings673
5136Men's And Boys' Suits And Trousers126
5136Men's And Boys' Sportswear And Work Clothing3192
5136Men's And Boy's Clothing, Nec694
5137Women's And Children's Clothing11415
5137Women's And Children's Outerwear779
5137Women's And Children's Lingerie And Undergarments2119
5137Women's And Children's Sportswear And Swimsuits1420
5137Women's And Children's Accessories3957
5137Children's Goods5312
5137Women's And Children's Dresses, Suits, Skirts, And Blouses720
5137Women's And Children's Clothing, Nec348
5139Footwear, Nec11707
5141Groceries, General Line29839
5141Groceries, General Line, Nec12814
5142Packaged Frozen Goods5103
5142Frozen Vegetables And Fruit Products762
5142Frozen Fish, Meat, And Poultry970
5142Packaged Frozen Goods, Nec131
5143Dairy Products, Except Dried Or Canned4870
5143Dairy Products, Except Dried Or Canned, Nec5309
5144Poultry And Poultry Products2736
5144Poultry And Poultry Products, Nec1911
5145Fountain Supplies1383
5145Snack Foods3928
5145Confectionery, Nec1697
5146Fish And Seafoods10376
5146Fish And Seafoods, Nec9761
5147Meats And Meat Products8515
5147Meats And Meat Products, Nec2559
5148Fresh Fruits And Vegetables15414
5149Groceries And Related Products, Nec15989
5149Cooking Oils And Shortenings7004
5149Pet Foods6138
5149Seasonings, Sauces, And Extracts3898
5149Pasta And Rice7371
5149Beverages, Except Coffee And Tea9602
5149Organic And Diet Food6402
5149Crackers, Cookies, And Bakery Products13455
5149Dried Or Canned Foods2109
5149Coffee And Tea7974
5149Sugar, Honey, Molasses, And Syrups3766
5149Baking Supplies623
5149Groceries And Related Products, Nec, Nec9953
5153Grain And Field Beans3541
5153Field Beans668
5153Grain And Field Beans, Nec2959
5154Livestock, Nec17756
5159Farm-product Raw Materials, Nec1844
5159Cotton Merchants And Products491
5159Farm Animals14442
5159Feathers, Hides, And Pelts2648
5159Wool And Silk322
5159Nuts And Nut By-products733
5159Tobacco Distributors And Products1434
5159Farm-product Raw Materials, Nec, Nec3824
5162Plastics Materials And Basic Shapes3604
5162Plastics Materials And Basic Shapes, Nec5849
5169Chemicals And Allied Products, Nec24063
5169Alkalines And Chlorine2417
5169Industrial Gases3782
5169Detergents And Soaps, Except Specialty Cleaning1737
5169Specialty Cleaning And Sanitation Preparations3167
5169Adhesives And Sealants998
5169Aromatic Chemicals797
5169Chemical Additives747
5169Synthetic Resins, Rubber, And Plastic Materials953
5169Food Additives And Preservatives883
5169Noncorrosive Products And Materials401
5169Industrial Salts And Polishes422
5169Alcohols And Anti-freeze Compounds1750
5169Chemicals And Allied Products, Nec, Nec4976
5171Petroleum Bulk Stations And Terminals3171
5171Petroleum Bulk Stations And Terminals, Nec3717
5172Petroleum Products, Nec24239
5172Engine Fuels And Oils23025
5172Petroleum Products, Nec, Nec5499
5181Beer And Ale8437
5181Beer And Ale, Nec8123
5182Wine And Distilled Beverages3970
5182Wine And Distilled Beverages, Nec291
5191Farm Supplies16446
5191Fertilizers And Agricultural Chemicals7959
5191Animal Feeds26135
5191Seeds And Bulbs3097
5191Equestrian Equipment1261
5191Farm Supplies, Nec1301
5192Books, Periodicals, And Newspapers3806
5192Books, Periodicals, And Newspapers, Nec23132
5193Flowers And Florists Supplies8261
5193Florists' Supplies2595
5193Flowers And Nursery Stock12107
5194Tobacco And Tobacco Products7923
5194Smoking Tobacco4059
5194Smokeless Tobacco1968
5198Paints, Varnishes, And Supplies2483
5198Paints, Varnishes, And Supplies, Nec2585
5199Nondurable Goods, Nec145100
5199Art Goods And Supplies3663
5199Gifts And Novelties11430
5199Pets And Pet Supplies9625
5199Fabrics, Yarns, And Knit Goods3111
5199Leather, Leather Goods, And Furs1822
5199Bags, Baskets, And Cases7477
5199Smokers' Supplies1692
5199Oil And Greases (animal Or Vegetable)1674
5199Foams And Rubber1506
5199Posters And Decals3644
5199Nondurable Goods, Nec, Nec50565

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