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3812Search And Navigation Equipment5353
3812Aircraft/aerospace Flight Instruments And Guidance Systems7168
3812Aircraft Control Instruments262
3812Navigational Systems And Instruments733
3812Nautical Instruments112
3812Defense Systems And Equipment664
3812Search And Detection Systems And Instruments420
3812Search And Navigation Equipment, Nec43
3821Laboratory Apparatus And Furniture1243
3821Laboratory Apparatus, Except Heating And Measuring1593
3821Laboratory Furniture52
3821Laboratory Heating Apparatus93
3821Laboratory Measuring Apparatus104
3822Environmental Controls5597
3822Air Conditioning And Refrigeration Controls569
3822Hardware For Environmental Regulators453
3822Thermostats And Other Environmental Sensors335
3822Hydronic Controls2214
3822Electric Heat Controls104
3822Appliance Controls,except Air-conditioning And Refrigeration121
3822Environmental Controls, Nec350
3823Process Control Instruments4663
3823Temperature Measurement Instruments, Industrial251
3823Pressure Measurement Instruments, Industrial320
3823Industrial Flow And Liquid Measuring Instruments511
3823Industrial Process Measurement Equipment1379
3823On-stream Gas/liquid Analysis Instruments, Industrial502
3823Process Control Instruments, Nec379
3824Fluid Meters And Counting Devices619
3824Integrating And Totalizing Meters For Gas And Liquids275
3824Mechanical And Electromechanical Counters And Devices211
3824Vehicle Instruments90
3824Fluid Meters And Counting Devices, Nec72
3825Instruments To Measure Electricity3676
3825Engine Electrical Test Equipment545
3825Test Equipment For Electronic And Electric Measurement2519
3825Electrical Energy Measuring Equipment845
3825Instruments To Measure Electricity, Nec18
3826Analytical Instruments3416
3826Spectroscopic And Other Optical Properties Measuring Equip.198
3826Analytical Optical Instruments145
3826Liquid Testing Apparatus112
3826Blood Testing Apparatus117
3826Gas Testing Apparatus51
3826Instruments Measuring Magnetic And Electrical Properties285
3826Instruments Measuring Thermal Properties58
3826Analytical Instruments, Nec1118
3827Optical Instruments And Lenses3990
3827Optical Instruments And Apparatus723
3827Lens Coating And Grinding Equipment179
3827Optical Instruments And Lenses, Nec446
3829Measuring And Controlling Devices, Nec6640
3829Aircraft And Motor Vehicle Measurement Equipment272
3829Geophysical And Meteorological Testing Equipment416
3829Surveying And Drafting Equipment228
3829Physical Property Testing Equipment665
3829Nuclear Radiation And Testing Apparatus548
3829Automatic Turnstiles And Related Apparatus95
3829Thermometers And Temperature Sensors1459
3829Measuring And Controlling Devices, Nec, Nec666
3841Surgical And Medical Instruments18672
3841Ophthalmic Instruments And Apparatus1828
3841Diagnostic Apparatus, Medical1135
3841Veterinarians' Instruments And Apparatus2978
3841Surgical Instruments And Apparatus25616
3841Medical Instruments And Equipment, Blood And Bone Work756
3841Surgical And Medical Instruments, Nec292
3842Surgical Appliances And Supplies5504
3842Personal Safety Equipment1218
3842Cotton And Cotton Applicators114
3842Prosthetic Appliances2216
3842Orthopedic Appliances4429
3842Bandages And Dressings386
3842Surgical Appliances And Supplies, Nec791
3843Dental Equipment And Supplies2647
3843Dental Equipment1257
3843Dental Materials1080
3844X-ray Apparatus And Tubes798
3844X-ray Apparatus And Tubes, Nec188
3845Electromedical Equipment2186
3845Electromedical Apparatus1056
3845Electrotherapeutic Apparatus493
3845Electromedical Equipment, Nec464
3851Ophthalmic Goods2550
3851Frames, Lenses, And Parts, Eyeglass And Spectacle2688
3851Protective Eyeware515
3851Ophthalmic Goods, Nec572
3861Photographic Equipment And Supplies3484
3861Sensitized Film, Cloth, And Paper824
3861Photographic Processing Equipment And Chemicals476
3861Cameras And Related Equipment767
3861Photographic Film, Plate, And Paper Holders73
3861Reproduction Machines And Equipment309
3861Photographic Processing Chemicals289
3861Photographic Equipment And Supplies, Nec289
3873Watches, Clocks, Watchcases, And Parts630
3873Watches, Clocks, Watchcases, And Parts, Nec288

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