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3711Motor Vehicles And Car Bodies3599
3711Automobile Assembly, Including Specialty Automobiles3912
3711Truck And Tractor Truck Assembly1441
3711Military Motor Vehicle Assembly303
3711Bus And Other Large Specialty Vehicle Assembly1212
3713Truck And Bus Bodies1631
3713Truck Bodies And Parts859
3713Specialty Motor Vehicle Bodies767
3714Motor Vehicle Parts And Accessories14412
3714Motor Vehicle Engines And Parts11852
3714Motor Vehicle Transmissions, Drive Assemblies, And Parts1493
3714Motor Vehicle Body Components And Frame749
3714Motor Vehicle Electrical Equipment2265
3714Motor Vehicle Brake Systems And Parts600
3714Motor Vehicle Steering Systems And Parts179
3714Motor Vehicle Wheels And Parts552
3714Motor Vehicle Parts And Accessories, Nec395
3715Truck Trailers2748
3715Truck Trailers, Nec514
3716Motor Homes749
3716Motor Homes, Nec46
3721Motorized Aircraft2334
3721Nonmotorized And Lighter-than-air Aircraft2738
3721Aircraft, Nec241
3724Aircraft Engines And Engine Parts5789
3724Aircraft Engines And Engine Parts, Nec350
3728Aircraft Parts And Equipment, Nec6177
3728Aircraft Body And Wing Assemblies And Parts4605
3728Aircraft Propellers And Associated Equipment1059
3728Aircraft Landing Assemblies And Brakes134
3728Military Aircraft Equipment And Armament164
3728Aircraft Training Equipment146
3728Aircraft Parts And Equipment, Nec, Nec390
3731Shipbuilding And Repairing2504
3731Commercial Cargo Ships, Building And Repairing2677
3731Military Ships, Building And Repairing446
3731Commercial Passenger Ships, Building And Repairing55
3731Shipbuilding And Repairing, Nec281
3732Boatbuilding And Repairing8726
3732Motorized Boat, Building And Repairing3002
3732Non-motorized Boat, Building And Repairing6622
3732Boatbuilding And Repairing, Nec1328
3743Railroad Equipment1211
3743Railroad Equipment, Except Locomotives639
3743Interurban Cars And Car Equipment113
3743Locomotives And Parts226
3751Motorcycles, Bicycles And Parts1409
3751Motorcycles And Related Parts3164
3751Bicycles And Related Parts1160
3751Motorcycles, Bicycles, And Parts, Nec111
3761Guided Missiles And Space Vehicles474
3761Guided Missiles And Space Vehicles, Nec84
3764Space Propulsion Units And Parts272
3764Space Propulsion Units And Parts, Nec59
3769Space Vehicle Equipment, Nec479
3769Space Vehicle Equipment, Nec, Nec44
3792Travel Trailers And Campers1332
3792Travel Trailers And Campers, Nec1161
3795Tanks And Tank Components344
3795Tanks And Tank Components, Nec95
3799Transportation Equipment, Nec1377
3799Trailers And Trailer Equipment1936
3799Recreational Vehicles1031
3799Off-road Automobiles, Except Recreational Vehicles258
3799Pushcarts And Wheelbarrows122
3799Transportation Equipment, Nec, Nec238

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