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3511Turbines And Turbine Generator Sets1890
3511Turbines And Turbine Generator Set Units, Complete772
3511Turbines And Turbine Generator Sets And Parts266
3519Internal Combustion Engines, Nec1866
3519Diesel, Semi-diesel, Or Duel-fuel Engines, Including Marine709
3519Parts And Accessories, Internal Combustion Engines328
3519Internal Combustion Engines, Nec, Nec327
3523Farm Machinery And Equipment5068
3523Planting, Haying, Harvesting, And Processing Machinery1299
3523Soil Preparation Machinery, Except Turf And Grounds198
3523Fertilizing, Spraying, Dusting, And Irrigation Machinery661
3523Barn, Silo, Poultry, Dairy, And Livestock Machinery4029
3523Turf And Grounds Equipment311
3523Farm Machinery And Equipment, Nec531
3524Lawn And Garden Equipment1423
3524Lawn And Garden Tractors And Equipment497
3524Lawn And Garden Mowers And Accessories1591
3524Lawn And Garden Equipment, Nec92
3531Construction Machinery5161
3531Forestry Related Equipment972
3531Marine Related Equipment338
3531Railroad Related Equipment199
3531Bituminous, Cement And Concrete Related Products And Equip.3015
3531Scrapers, Graders, Rollers, And Similar Equipment1135
3531Backhoes, Tractors, Cranes, Plows, And Similar Equipment1833
3531Crushers, Grinders, And Similar Equipment179
3531Construction Machinery Attachments582
3531Construction Machinery, Nec656
3532Mining Machinery1359
3532Drills, Bits, And Similar Equipment919
3532Mineral Beneficiation Equipment87
3532Crushing, Pulverizing, And Screening Equipment169
3532Mine Cars, Plows, Loaders, Feeders, And Similar Equipment125
3532Mining Machinery, Nec5
3533Oil And Gas Field Machinery3629
3533Oil And Gas Drilling Rigs And Equipment1235
3533Oil And Gas Field Machinery, Nec865
3534Elevators And Moving Stairways1009
3534Elevators And Equipment458
3534Elevators And Moving Stairways, Nec31
3535Conveyors And Conveying Equipment3054
3535Unit Handling Conveying Systems2415
3535Conveyors And Conveying Equipment, Nec198
3536Hoists, Cranes, And Monorails972
3536Cranes And Monorail Systems477
3537Industrial Trucks And Tractors2462
3537Platforms, Stands, Tables, Pallets, And Similar Equipment372
3537Trucks, Tractors, Loaders, Carriers, And Similar Equipment1570
3541Machine Tools, Metal Cutting Type5130
3541Drilling And Boring Machines521
3541Grinding, Polishing, Buffing, Lapping, And Honing Machines559
3541Milling Machines138
3541Screw And Thread Machines184
3541Saws And Sawing Machines213
3541Machine Tools, Metal Cutting Type, Nec1092
3542Machine Tools, Metal Forming Type1807
3542Punching, Shearing, And Bending Machines266
3542Pressing Machines273
3542Die Casting And Extruding Machines149
3542Spinning, Spline Rolling, And Winding Machines58
3542Knurling And Beading Machines78
3542Machine Tools, Metal Forming Type, Nec508
3543Industrial Patterns2840
3543Industrial Patterns, Nec188
3544Special Dies, Tools, Jigs, And Fixtures14054
3544Special Dies And Tools5286
3544Jigs And Fixtures3758
3544Special Dies, Tools, Jigs, And Fixtures, Nec3409
3545Machine Tool Accessories3284
3545Precision Measuring Tools1054
3545Cutting Tools For Machine Tools935
3545Machine Tool Attachments And Accessories3932
3546Power-driven Handtools1740
3546Drills And Drilling Tools76
3546Saws And Sawing Equipment313
3546Power-driven Handtools, Nec74
3547Rolling Mill Machinery453
3547Primary Rolling Mill Equipment125
3547Secondary Rolling Mill Equipment242
3547Rolling Mill Machinery, Nec11
3548Welding Apparatus1154
3548Electric Welding Equipment1404
3548Welding Apparatus, Nec350
3549Metalworking Machinery, Nec1729
3549Drawing Machinery366
3549Coiling Machinery74
3549Cutting And Slitting Machinery79
3549Metalworking Machinery, Nec, Nec368
3552Textile Machinery1681
3552Fiber And Yarn Preparation Machinery And Equipment130
3552Fabric Forming Machinery And Equipment986
3552Dyeing, Drying, And Finishing Machinery And Equipment573
3552Textile Machinery, Nec17
3553Woodworking Machinery1618
3553Woodworking Machinery, Nec1092
3554Paper Industries Machinery1258
3554Paper Forming Machines935
3554Paper Industries Machinery, Nec316
3555Printing Trades Machinery2630
3555Printing Presses272
3555Printing Plates2091
3555Printing Trade Parts And Attachments186
3555Engraving Machinery And Equipment, Except Plates177
3555Type And Type Making Machinery And Equipment40
3555Bookbinding Machinery26
3555Printing Trades Machinery, Nec49
3556Food Products Machinery3343
3556Dairy And Milk Machinery267
3556Cutting, Chopping, Grinding, Mixing, And Similar Machinery179
3556Smoking Or Roasting Machinery, Including Ovens364
3556Beverage Machinery221
3556Meat, Poultry, And Seafood Processing Machinery374
3556Food Products Machinery, Nec195
3559Special Industry Machinery, Nec4872
3559Sewing Machines And Hat And Zipper Making Machinery524
3559Boots, Shoes, And Leather Working Machinery345
3559Automotive Related Machinery1013
3559Refinery, Chemical Processing, And Similar Machinery1192
3559Foundry, Smelting, Refining, And Similar Machinery193
3559Rubber Working Machinery, Including Tires92
3559Special Industry Machinery, Nec, Nec3383
3561Pumps And Pumping Equipment4608
3561Industrial Pumps And Parts3704
3561Pumps And Pumping Equipment, Nec360
3562Ball And Roller Bearings1133
3562Ball And Roller Bearings, Nec905
3563Air And Gas Compressors1822
3563Air And Gas Compressors Including Vacuum Pumps699
3563Spraying And Dusting Equipment391
3564Blowers And Fans3161
3564Purification And Dust Collection Equipment2335
3564Blowers And Fans885
3565Packaging Machinery2871
3565Bottling And Canning Machinery575
3565Packing And Wrapping Machinery1552
3566Speed Changers, Drives, And Gears1263
3566Speed Changers, Drives, And Gears, Nec281
3567Industrial Furnaces And Ovens1661
3567Electrical Furnaces, Ovens, & Heating Devices, Exc.induction581
3567Fuel-fired Furnaces And Ovens433
3567Induction And Dielectric Heating Equipment138
3567Industrial Furnaces And Ovens, Nec393
3568Power Transmission Equipment, Nec1508
3568Bearings, Bushings, And Blocks175
3568Joints And Couplings504
3568Drives, Chains, And Sprockets97
3568Power Transmission Equipment, Nec, Nec86
3569General Industrial Machinery, Nec5852
3569Firefighting And Related Equipment773
3569Lubricating Equipment281
3569Gas Producers, Generators, And Other Gas Related Equipment1082
3569General Industrial Machinery, Nec, Nec1812
3571Electronic Computers10238
3571Electronic Computers, Nec1891
3572Computer Storage Devices2254
3572Computer Disk And Drum Drives And Components227
3572Computer Tape Drives And Components114
3572Computer Storage Devices, Nec88
3575Computer Terminals905
3575Computer Terminals, Monitors And Components479
3575Computer Terminals, Nec9
3577Computer Peripheral Equipment, Nec7314
3577Printers And Plotters1778
3577Key-tape Equipment, Except Drives5617
3577Disk And Diskette Equipment, Except Drives58
3577Keypunch Equipment24
3577Magnetic Ink And Optical Scanning Devices764
3577Computer Peripheral Equipment, Nec, Nec1312
3578Calculating And Accounting Equipment560
3578Accounting Machines And Cash Registers583
3578Calculators And Adding Machines61
3578Banking Machines1489
3578Calculating And Accounting Equipment, Nec203
3579Office Machines, Nec1450
3579Mailing, Letter Handling, And Addressing Machines570
3579Typing And Word Processing Machines217
3579Paper Handling Machines241
3579Office Machines, Nec, Nec397
3581Automatic Vending Machines1358
3581Mechanisms And Parts For Automatic Vending Machines493
3582Commercial Laundry Equipment503
3582Commercial Laundry Equipment257
3582Commercial Laundry Equipment, Nec156
3585Refrigeration And Heating Equipment5171
3585Air Conditioning Equipment, Complete3106
3585Refrigeration Equipment, Complete2099
3585Heating Equipment, Complete447
3585Parts For Heating, Cooling, And Refrigerating Equipment870
3585Soda Fountain And Beverage Dispensing Equipment And Parts411
3585Humidifiers And Dehumidifiers939
3585Refrigeration And Heating Equipment, Nec604
3586Measuring And Dispensing Pumps352
3586Measuring And Dispensing Pumps, Nec115
3589Service Industry Machinery, Nec3561
3589Commercial Cooking And Foodwarming Equipment894
3589Commercial Cleaning Equipment2110
3589Sewage And Water Treatment Equipment4244
3589Service Industry Machinery, Nec, Nec1259
3592Carburetors, Pistons, Piston Rings And Valves383
3592Carburetors, Pistons, Rings, Valves, Nec227
3593Fluid Power Cylinders And Actuators951
3593Fluid Power Cylinders And Actuators, Nec344
3594Fluid Power Pumps And Motors673
3594Fluid Power Pumps406
3594Fluid Power Motors82
3594Fluid Power Pumps And Motors, Nec13
3596Scales And Balances, Except Laboratory654
3596Scales And Balances, Except Laboratory, Nec357
3599Industrial Machinery, Nec29930
3599Amusement Park Equipment2206
3599Flexible Metal Hose, Tubing, And Bellows532
3599Machine And Other Job Shop Work72737
3599Industrial Machinery, Nec, Nec3084

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