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3411Metal Cans1305
3411Food And Beverage Containers1204
3411Metal Cans, Nec190
3412Metal Barrels, Drums, And Pails647
3412Metal Barrels, Drums, And Pails, Nec95
3421Table And Food Cutlery, Including Butchers'824
3421Scissors, Shears, Clippers, Snips, And Similar Tools201
3421Cutlery, Nec649
3423Hand And Edge Tools, Nec3938
3423Garden And Farm Tools, Including Shovels492
3423Soldering Tools1403
3423Hand And Edge Tools, Nec, Nec1999
3425Saw Blades And Handsaws497
3425Saw Blades And Handsaws, Nec195
3429Hardware, Nec5163
3429Furniture, Builders' And Other Household Hardware1138
3429Keys, Locks, And Related Hardware4011
3429Motor Vehicle Hardware2114
3429Aircraft & Marine Hardware, Inc. Pulleys & Similar Items596
3429Clamps, Couplings, Nozzles, And Other Metal Hose Fittings209
3429Hardware, Nec, Nec341
3431Metal Sanitary Ware676
3431Bathroom Fixtures, Including Sinks407
3431Metal Sanitary Ware, Nec235
3432Plumbing Fixture Fittings And Trim6711
3432Plumbing Fixture Fittings And Trim, Nec356
3433Heating Equipment, Except Electric2318
3433Burners, Furnaces, Boilers, And Strokers530
3433Room And Wall Heaters, Including Radiators491
3433Heating Equipment, Except Electric, Nec607
3441Fabricated Structural Metal15664
3441Fabricated Structural Metal For Ships683
3441Fabricated Structural Metal For Bridges736
3441Fabricated Structural Metal, Nec1316
3442Metal Doors, Sash, And Trim2724
3442Window And Door Frames1138
3442Louvers, Shutters, Jalousies, And Similar Items1255
3442Screen And Storm Doors And Windows1063
3442Metal Doors909
3442Molding, Trim, And Stripping197
3442Metal Doors, Sash, And Trim, Nec28
3443Fabricated Plate Work (boiler Shop)3967
3443Industrial Vessels, Tanks, And Containers1821
3443Heat Exchangers, Condensers, And Components1004
3443Boiler And Boiler Shop Work526
3443Plate Work For The Metalworking Trade744
3443Plate Work For The Nuclear Industry780
3443Metal Parts337
3443Chutes And Troughs29
3443Pipe, Standpipe, And Culverts39
3443Wind And Vacuum Tunnels38
3443Chambers And Caissons427
3443Fabricated Plate Work (boiler Shop), Nec407
3444Sheet Metalwork14775
3444Culverts, Flumes, And Pipes159
3444Metal Ventilating Equipment573
3444Metal Roofing And Roof Drainage Equipment6610
3444Metal Flooring And Siding348
3444Metal Housings, Enclosures, Casings, And Other Containers638
3444Awnings And Canopies376
3444Sheet Metalwork, Nec1835
3446Architectural Metalwork4223
3446Stairs, Fire Escapes, Balconies, Railings, And Ladders1096
3446Open Flooring And Grating For Construction201
3446Fences, Gates, Posts, And Flagpoles878
3446Partitions And Supports/studs, Including Accoustical Systems1991
3446Channels, Louvers, And Registers49
3446Ornamental Metalwork481
3446Architectural Metalwork, Nec79
3448Prefabricated Metal Buildings And Components3023
3448Prefabricated Metal Buildings1770
3448Prefabricated Metal Components475
3448Prefabricated Metal Buildings, Nec145
3449Miscellaneous Metalwork1860
3449Fabricated Bar Joists And Concrete Reinforcing Bars787
3449Metal Plaster Bases36
3449Miscellaneous Metalwork, Nec78
3451Screw Machine Products4108
3452Bolts, Nuts, Rivets, And Washers3010
3452Bolts, Nuts, Rivets, And Washers, Nec472
3462Iron And Steel Forgings2413
3462Gear And Chain Forgings1333
3462Pump, Compressor, And Turbine Forgings68
3462Automotive And Internal Combustion Engine Forgings171
3462Railroad, Construction, And Mining Forgings106
3462Missile And Ordnance Forgings7
3462Iron And Steel Forgings, Nec788
3463Nonferrous Forgings266
3463Pump, Compressor, Turbine, And Engine Forgings, Except Auto42
3463Missile And Ordnance Forgings2
3463Nonferrous Forgings, Nec162
3465Automotive Stampings1545
3465Automotive Stampings, Nec726
3466Crowns And Closures137
3466Crowns And Closures, Nec34
3469Metal Stampings, Nec10111
3469Household Cooking And Kitchen Utensils, Metal490
3469Household Cooking And Kitchen Utensils, Porcelain Enameled439
3469Porcelain Enameled Products And Utensils217
3469Boxes, Stamped Metal4508
3469Metal Stampings, Nec, Nec3281
3471Plating And Polishing5449
3471Electroplating And Plating5447
3471Cleaning, Polishing, And Finishing7396
3479Metal Coating And Allied Services5791
3479Etching And Engraving2325
3479Painting, Coating, And Hot Dipping9050
3482Small Arms Ammunition479
3482Small Arms Ammunition, Nec160
3483Ammunition, Except For Small Arms, Nec238
3483Ammunition Components48
3483Ammunition, Except For Small Arms, Nec, Nec61
3484Small Arms809
3484Machine Guns And Grenade Launchers66
3484Small Arms, Nec606
3489Ordnance And Accessories, Nec332
3489Guns, Howitzers, Mortars, And Related Equipment223
3489Ordnance And Accessories, Nec, Nec26
3491Industrial Valves2366
3491Automatic Regulating And Control Valves332
3491Industrial Valves, Nec552
3492Fluid Power Valves And Hose Fittings840
3492Fluid Power Valves For Aircraft69
3492Fluid Power Valves And Hose Fittings, Nec571
3493Steel Springs, Except Wire907
3493Hot Formed Springs172
3493Cold Formed Springs74
3494Valves And Pipe Fittings, Nec2479
3494Pipe Fittings572
3494Valves And Pipe Fittings, Nec, Nec203
3495Wire Springs760
3495Precision Springs262
3495Wire Springs, Nec11
3496Miscellaneous Fabricated Wire Products3763
3496Wire Cloth And Woven Wire Products888
3496Wire Chain189
3496Wire Fasteners372
3496Miscellaneous Fabricated Wire Products, Nec778
3497Metal Foil And Leaf247
3497Metal Foil And Leaf, Nec121
3498Fabricated Pipe And Fittings2738
3498Fabricated Pipe And Fittings, Nec882
3499Fabricated Metal Products, Nec13663
3499Fire- Or Burglary-resistive Products635
3499Metal Household Articles277
3499Metal Ladders4847
3499Novelties And Giftware, Including Trophies1644
3499Fabricated Metal Products, Nec, Nec1839

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