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3312Blast Furnaces And Steel Mills5254
3312Chemicals And Other Products Derived From Coking8991
3312Blast Furnace And Related Products313
3312Primary Finished Or Semifinished Shapes159
3312Structural And Rail Mill Products1499
3312Bar, Rod, And Wire Products328
3312Pipes And Tubes398
3312Plate, Sheet And Strip, Except Coated Products310
3312Tool And Die Steel And Alloys1320
3312Coated Or Plated Products133
3312Blast Furnaces And Steel Mills, Nec434
3313Electrometallurgical Products232
3313Manganese Alloys9
3313Electrometallurgical Products, Nec21
3315Steel Wire And Related Products1339
3315Fencing Made In Wiredrawing Plants633
3315Nails, Spikes, Brads, And Similar Items168
3315Wire And Fabricated Wire Products927
3316Cold Finishing Of Steel Shapes676
3316Cold-rolled Strip Or Wire1288
3316Cold Finishing Of Steel Shapes, Nec88
3317Steel Pipe And Tubes1984
3317Seamless Pipes And Tubes422
3317Welded Pipe And Tubes225
3321Gray And Ductile Iron Foundries1274
3321Cast Iron Pipe And Fittings335
3321Gray And Ductile Iron Foundries, Nec496
3322Malleable Iron Foundries138
3324Steel Investment Foundries615
3324Steel Investment Foundries, Nec311
3325Steel Foundries, Nec3220
3325Steel Foundries, Nec, Nec268
3331Primary Copper164
3331Primary Copper Smelter Products41
3331Refined Primary Copper Products15
3334Primary Aluminum1331
3334Aluminum Ingots And Slabs63
3334Primary Aluminum, Nec34
3339Primary Nonferrous Metals, Nec2134
3339Lead And Zinc536
3339Precious Metals688
3339Silicon And Chromium231
3339Primary Nonferrous Metals, Nec, Nec106
3341Secondary Nonferrous Metals1143
3341Secondary Lead And Zinc114
3341Secondary Precious Metals176
3341Secondary Nonferrous Metals, Nec240
3351Copper Rolling And Drawing567
3351Copper And Copper Alloy Sheet, Strip, Plate, And Products79
3351Copper And Copper Alloy Pipe And Tube77
3351Copper Rolling And Drawing, Nec199
3353Aluminum Sheet, Plate, And Foil465
3353Aluminum Sheet And Strip265
3353Aluminum Sheet, Plate, And Foil, Nec66
3354Aluminum Extruded Products1449
3354Aluminum Rod And Bar44
3354Aluminum Pipe And Tube53
3354Aluminum Extruded Products, Nec67
3355Aluminum Rolling And Drawing, Nec432
3355Aluminum Wire And Cable794
3355Aluminum Rod And Bar16
3355Aluminum Ingot34
3355Aluminum Rail And Structural Shapes113
3355Aluminum Rolling And Drawing, Nec, Nec1
3356Nonferrous Rolling And Drawing, Nec813
3356Lead And Zinc165
3356Precious Metals132
3356Nonferrous Rolling And Drawing, Nec, Nec111
3357Nonferrous Wiredrawing And Insulating1958
3357Communication Wire1097
3357Nonferrous Wiredrawing And Insulating, Nec198
3363Aluminum Die-castings1265
3364Nonferrous Die-castings Except Aluminum537
3364Copper And Copper Alloy Die-castings280
3364Lead And Zinc Die-castings138
3364Nonferrous Die-castings Except Aluminum, Nec12
3365Aluminum Foundries1630
3365Utensils, Cast Aluminum770
3365Aluminum And Aluminum-based Alloy Castings700
3365Aluminum Foundries, Nec38
3366Copper Foundries636
3366Bushings And Bearings166
3366Copper Foundries, Nec468
3369Nonferrous Foundries, Nec938
3369Lead, Zinc, And White Metal124
3369Nonferrous Foundries, Nec, Nec412
3398Metal Heat Treating3621
3398Metal Heat Treating, Nec203
3399Primary Metal Products949
3399Metal Powders, Pastes, And Flakes626
3399Metal Fasteners186
3399Primary Metal Products, Nec1057

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