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2812Alkalies And Chlorine327
2812Alkalies And Chlorine, Nec109
2813Industrial Gases2156
2813Carbon Dioxide1678
2813Industrial Gases, Nec1680
2816Inorganic Pigments580
2816White Pigments221
2816Color Pigments382
2816Black Pigments26
2816Inorganic Pigments, Nec21
2819Industrial Inorganic Chemicals, Nec4996
2819Inorganic Acids Except Nitric And Phosphoric92
2819Aluminum Compounds111
2819Sodium & Potassium Compounds, Exc. Bleaches, Alkalies, Alum.156
2819Fuels And Radioactive Compounds76
2819Silica Compounds27
2819Metal Salts And Compounds Except Sodium, Potassium, Aluminum203
2819Nonmetallic Compounds334
2819Ammonium Salts And Compounds116
2819Industrial Inorganic Chemicals, Nec, Nec1700
2821Plastics Materials And Resins4986
2821Thermosetting Materials2037
2821Thermoplastic Materials1197
2821Cellulose Derivative Materials542
2821Plasticizer/additive Based Plastic Materials252
2821Plastics Materials And Resins, Nec339
2822Synthetic Rubber655
2822Butadiene Rubbers225
2822Synthetic Rubber, Nec188
2823Cellulosic Manmade Fibers204
2823Cellulosic Manmade Fibers, Nec235
2824Organic Fibers, Noncellulosic543
2824Organic Fibers, Noncellulosic, Nec229
2833Medicinals And Botanicals2232
2833Medicinal Chemicals830
2833Alkaloids And Other Botanical Based Products406
2833Animal Based Products96
2834Pharmaceutical Preparations27642
2834Drugs Affecting Neoplasms And Endrocrine Systems1554
2834Drugs Acting On The Central Nervous System & Sense Organs297
2834Drugs Acting On The Cardiovascular System, Except Diagnostic335
2834Drugs Acting On The Respiratory System3364
2834Drugs Acting On The Gastrointestinal Or Genitourinary System78
2834Vitamin, Nutrient, And Hematinic Preparations For Human Use4345
2834Drugs Affecting Parasitic And Infective Diseases249
2834Pharmaceutical Preparations, Nec1854
2835Diagnostic Substances1475
2835Diagnostic Substances, Nec572
2836Biological Products, Except Diagnostic3498
2836Blood Derivatives3986
2836Vaccines And Other Immunizing Products381
2836Culture Media678
2836Toxins, Viruses, And Similar Substances, Including Venom161
2836Biological Products, Except Diagnostic, Nec65
2841Soap And Other Detergents2427
2841Soap And Other Detergents, Nec756
2842Polishes And Sanitation Goods3625
2842Specialty Cleaning1891
2842Polishing Preparations And Related Products512
2842Drycleaning Preparations627
2842Sanitation Preparations, Disinfectants And Deodorants424
2842Laundry Cleaning Preparations742
2842Polishes And Sanitation Goods, Nec60
2843Surface Active Agents387
2843Oils And Greases66
2843Finishing Agents137
2843Processing Assistants112
2843Surface Active Agents, Nec3
2844Toilet Preparations5130
2844Hair Preparations, Including Shampoos1973
2844Oral Preparations956
2844Perfumes And Colognes777
2844Shaving Preparations61
2844Cosmetic Preparations2559
2844Toilet Preparations, Nec927
2851Paints And Allied Products5233
2851Paints And Paint Additives951
2851Lacquers, Varnishes, Enamels, And Other Coatings1171
2851Putty, Wood Fillers And Sealers3794
2851Removers And Cleaners657
2861Gum And Wood Chemicals233
2861Wood Distillation Products169
2861Wood Extract Products22
2861Gum And Wood Chemicals, Nec41
2865Cyclic Crudes And Intermediates413
2865Dyes And Pigments378
2865Cyclic Organic Crudes107
2865Cyclic Organic Intermediates47
2865Tar, Coal Tar, And Related Chemicals300
2865Cyclic Crudes And Intermediates, Nec26
2869Industrial Organic Chemicals, Nec3719
2869Alcohols, Non Beverage744
2869Amines, Acids, Salts, Esters294
2869Perfumes, Flavorings, And Food Additives271
2869Aldehydes And Ketones30
2869Industrial Organic Chemicals, Nec, Nec820
2873Nitrogenous Fertilizers1008
2873Ammonia And Ammonium Salts1535
2873Nitrogenous Fertilizers, Nec477
2874Phosphatic Fertilizers278
2874Phosphatic Fertilizers, Nec17
2875Fertilizers, Mixing Only3066
2875Fertilizers, Mixing Only, Nec447
2879Agricultural Chemicals, Nec1927
2879Insecticides And Pesticides660
2879Agricultural Chemicals, Nec, Nec196
2891Adhesives And Sealants2676
2892Primary Explosives, Fuses And Detonators368
2892Secondary High Explosives302
2893Printing Ink2796
2893Printing Ink, Nec173
2895Carbon Black146
2895Carbon Black, Nec2
2899Chemical Preparations, Nec10573
2899Oils And Essential Oils899
2899Flares, Fireworks, And Similar Preparations919
2899Chemical Preparations, Nec, Nec4570

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