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2411Wooden Bolts, Hewn205
2411Poles, Posts, And Pilings: Untreated Wood3103
2411Wooden Logs6246
2411Logging, Nec9157
2421Sawmills And Planing Mills, General8779
2421Building And Structural Materials, Wood2144
2421Sawdust, Shavings, And Wood Chips3846
2421Specialty Sawmill Products525
2421Outdoor Wood Structural Products1578
2421Sawmills And Planing Mills, General, Nec1338
2426Hardwood Dimension And Flooring Mills2787
2426Furniture Stock And Parts, Hardwood1226
2426Blocks And Blanks, Hardwood286
2426Stocks: Gun, Handle, Vehicle, Etc.615
2426Textile Machinery Accessories, Hardwood322
2426Hardwood Dimension And Flooring Mills, Nec1267
2429Special Product Sawmills, Nec244
2429Barrels And Barrel Parts78
2429Shavings And Packaging, Excelsior31
2429Shingle And Shingle Mills98
2431Doors And Door Parts And Trim, Wood2646
2431Windows And Window Parts And Trim, Wood5458
2431Moldings And Baseboards, Ornamental And Trim2749
2431Awnings, Blinds And Shutters: Wood919
2431Staircases, Stairs And Railings1125
2431Interior And Ornamental Woodwork And Trim2211
2431Exterior And Ornamental Woodwork And Trim491
2431Millwork, Nec350
2434Wood Kitchen Cabinets23021
2434Wood Kitchen Cabinets, Nec250
2435Hardwood Veneer And Plywood1198
2435Hardwood Veneer And Plywood, Nec362
2436Softwood Veneer And Plywood282
2436Softwood Veneer And Plywood, Nec147
2439Structural Wood Members, Nec3400
2439Structural Wood Members, Nec, Nec1520
2441Nailed Wood Boxes And Shook407
2441Boxes, Wood327
2441Cases, Wood182
2441Chests And Trunks, Wood21
2441Nailed Wood Boxes And Shook, Nec78
2448Wood Pallets And Skids3783
2448Cargo Containers, Wood And Wood With Metal2343
2448Pallets, Wood And Wood With Metal4132
2448Skids, Wood And Wood With Metal35
2449Wood Containers, Nec566
2449Food Containers, Wood Wirebound39
2449Barrels, Tubs And Vats: Wood, Coopered72
2449Rectangular Boxes And Crates, Wood305
2449Wood Containers, Nec, Nec206
2451Mobile Homes2558
2451Mobile Homes, Personal Or Private Use980
2451Mobile Homes, Industrial Or Commercial Use113
2452Prefabricated Wood Buildings2839
2452Farm And Agricultural Buildings, Prefabricated Wood2169
2452Prefabricated Wood Buildings, Nec2227
2491Wood Preserving1658
2491Poles, Posts And Pilings: Treated Wood659
2491Bridges And Trestles, Treated Wood62
2491Wood Preserving, Nec527
2493Reconstituted Wood Products733
2493Building Board And Wallboard, Except Gypsum48
2493Particleboard Products241
2493Hardboard And Fiberboard Products117
2493Insulation And Roofing Material, Reconstituted Wood174
2493Reconstituted Wood Products, Nec38
2499Wood Products, Nec5146
2499Laundry Products, Wood912
2499Shoe And Boot Products, Wood1593
2499Ladders And Stepladders, Wood796
2499Picture And Mirror Frames, Wood1655
2499Cork And Cork Products265
2499Rulers And Yardsticks, Wood411
2499Reed, Rattan, Wicker, And Willow Ware, Except Furniture47
2499Handles, Poles, Dowels And Stakes: Wood655
2499Food Handling And Processing Products, Wood422
2499Kitchen, Bathroom, And Household Ware: Wood676
2499Decorative Wood And Woodwork4937
2499Spools, Reels, And Pulleys: Wood92
2499Mulch Or Sawdust Products, Wood376
2499Mallets, Hammers, And Clubs: Wood64
2499Stoppers And Plugs, Wood51
2499Fencing, Docks, And Other Outdoor Wood Structural Products647
2499Wood Products, Nec, Nec545

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