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2211Broadwoven Fabric Mills, Cotton3554
2211Sheets, Bedding And Table Cloths: Cotton273
2211Apparel And Outerwear Fabrics, Cotton423
2211Towels, Dishcloths And Washcloths: Cotton404
2211Plushes And Piles, Broadwoven Cotton: Including Flannels330
2211Twills, Drills, Denims And Other Ribbed Fabrics: Cotton991
2211Upholstery, Tapestry And Wall Coverings: Cotton906
2211Nets And Netting Products And Fabrics, Cotton443
2211Sheers And Other Thin, Lightweight Fabrics: Cotton65
2211Bandages, Gauzes And Surgical Fabrics, Cotton44
2211Linings And Interlinings, Cotton19
2211Canvas And Other Heavy, Coarse Fabrics: Cotton1505
2211Decorative Trim And Specialty Fabrics, Including Twist Weave189
2211Crepes And Other Crinkled Texture Fabrics, Cotton3
2211Broadwoven Fabric Mills, Cotton, Nec657
2221Broadwoven Fabric Mills, Manmade2555
2221Bedding, Manmade Or Silk Fabric668
2221Apparel And Outerwear Fabric, Manmade Fiber Or Silk164
2221Silks, Satins, Taffetas And Crepes513
2221Manmade And Synthetic Broadwoven Fabrics391
2221Glass And Fiberglass Broadwoven Fabrics548
2221Upholstery, Tapestry, And Wall Covering Fabrics500
2221Ribbed Broadwoven Fabrics25
2221Plushes And Piles, Broadwoven Fabrics20
2221Specialty Broadwoven Fabrics, Including Twisted Weaves78
2221Broadwoven Fabric Mills, Manmade, Nec137
2231Broadwoven Fabric Mills, Wool344
2231Apparel And Outerwear Broadwoven Fabrics188
2231Bleaching, Dying And Specialty Treating: Wool, Mohair, Etc.136
2231Felts, Blanketing And Upholstery Fabrics: Wool80
2231Animal Fiber Fabrics, Except Wool: Woven64
2231Broadwoven Fabric Mills, Wool, Nec151
2241Narrow Fabric Mills640
2241Lace And Decorative Trim, Narrow Fabric323
2241Rubber And Elastic Yarns And Fabrics144
2241Fabric Tapes83
2241Webbing, Braids And Belting235
2241Narrow Fabric Mills, Nec134
2251Women's Hosiery, Except Socks282
2251Women's Hosiery, Except Socks, Nec156
2252Hosiery, Nec1220
2252Anklets And Socks1196
2252Tights And Leg Warmers3
2252Hosiery, Nec, Nec93
2253Knit Outerwear Mills938
2253Warm Weather Knit Outerwear, Including Beachwear1164
2253Cold Weather Knit Outerwear Including Ski Wear628
2253Lounge, Bed, And Leisurewear199
2253Dresses And Skirts65
2253Blouses, Shirts, Pants, And Suits101
2253Knit Outerwear Mills, Nec61
2254Knit Underwear Mills151
2254Shorts, Shirts, Slips, And Panties (underwear): Knit303
2254Knit Underwear Mills, Nec74
2257Weft Knit Fabric Mills223
2257Weft Knit Fabric Mills, Nec80
2258Lace And Warp Knit Fabric Mills219
2258Lace And Lace Products193
2258Warp And Flat Knit Products81
2258Net And Netting Products39
2258Lace And Warp Knit Fabric Mills, Nec14
2259Knitting Mills, Nec403
2259Gloves And Mittens, Knit108
2259Towels, Washcloths, And Dishcloths: Knit96
2259Curtains And Bedding, Knit517
2259Girdles And Girdle Blanks, Knit124
2259Knitting Mills, Nec, Nec96
2261Finishing Plants, Cotton670
2261Printing Of Cotton Broadwoven Fabrics1390
2261Chemical Coating Or Treating Of Cotton Broadwoven Fabrics120
2261Decorative Finishing Of Cotton Broadwoven Fabrics25
2261Finishing Plants, Cotton, Nec8
2262Finishing Plants, Manmade282
2262Printing, Manmade Fiber And Silk Broadwoven Fabrics1940
2262Chemical Coating Or Treating Of Manmade Broadwoven Fabrics70
2262Decorative Finishing Of Manmade Broadwoven Fabrics25
2262Finishing Plants, Manmade, Nec12
2269Finishing Plants, Nec573
2269Printing Of Narrow Fabrics141
2269Chemical Coating Or Treating Of Narrow Fabrics325
2269Decorative Finishing Of Narrow Fabrics14
2269Finishing Plants, Nec, Nec79
2273Carpets And Rugs4128
2273Aircraft And Automobile Floor Coverings114
2273Mats And Matting489
2273Art Squares879
2273Carpets, Hand And Machine Made180
2273Rugs, Hand And Machine Made319
2273Carpets And Rugs, Nec219
2281Yarn Spinning Mills1080
2281Needle And Handicraft Yarns, Spun276
2281Manmade And Synthetic Fiber Yarns, Spun617
2281Natural And Animal Fiber Yarns, Spun89
2281Carpet And Rug Yarn, Spun44
2281Yarn Spinning Mills, Nec10
2282Throwing And Winding Mills304
2282Needle And Handicraft Yarns, Twisting, Winding, Or Spooling74
2282Manmade And Synthetic Fiber Yarns, Twisting, Winding, Etc.28
2282Natural And Animal Fiber Yarns: Twisting, Winding, Spooling7
2282Carpet And Rug Yarn: Twisting, Winding, Or Spooling23
2282Throwing And Winding Mills, Nec43
2284Thread Mills361
2284Thread From Manmade Fibers48
2284Thread From Natural Fibers192
2284Needle And Handicraft Thread386
2284Thread Mills, Nec1
2295Coated Fabrics, Not Rubberized630
2295Chemically Coated And Treated Fabrics380
2295Plastic Coated Yarns Or Fabrics531
2295Varnished Glass And Coated Fiberglass Fabrics67
2295Coated Fabrics, Not Rubberized, Nec95
2296Tire Cord And Fabrics236
2296Cord And Fabric For Reinforcing Rubber Tires43
2296Cord And Fabric For Reinforcing Industrial Belting22
2296Cord And Fabric For Reinforcing Fuel Cells11
2297Nonwoven Fabrics589
2297Nonwoven Fabrics, Nec35
2298Cordage And Twine606
2298Ropes And Fiber Cables403
2298Twine, Cord And Cordage146
2298Nets, Seines, Slings And Insulator Pads157
2298Cordage And Twine, Nec39
2299Textile Goods, Nec2184
2299Batting, Wadding, Padding And Fillings478
2299Felts And Felt Products150
2299Yarns And Thread, Made From Non-fabric Materials121
2299Textile Mill Waste And Remnant Processing202
2299Jute And Flax Textile Products1107
2299Scouring And Carbonizing Of Textile Fibers32
2299Tops And Top Processing, Manmade Or Other Fiber25
2299Textile Goods, Nec, Nec236

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