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Your Best Connection To America's List Market

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2011Meat Packing Plants5686
2011Beef Products, From Beef Slaughtered On Site2415
2011Pork Products, From Pork Slaughtered On Site144
2011Lamb Products, From Lamb Slaughtered On Site1858
2011Meat By-products, From Meat Slaughtered On Site2254
2011Meat Packing Plants, Nec242
2013Sausages And Other Prepared Meats2277
2013Prepared Beef Products, From Purchased Beef346
2013Prepared Pork Products, From Purchased Pork321
2013Sausages And Related Products, From Purchased Meat1597
2013Sausages And Other Prepared Meats, Nec341
2015Poultry Slaughtering And Processing1854
2015Chicken Slaughtering And Processing1877
2015Duck Slaughtering And Processing201
2015Egg Processing126
2015Small Game Slaughtering And Processing17
2015Geese Slaughtering And Processing2
2015Poultry Slaughtering And Processing315
2015Rabbit Slaughtering And Processing6
2015Turkey Processing And Slaughtering92
2015Poultry Sausage, Luncheon Meats, And Other Poultry Products34
2021Creamery Butter265
2021Creamery Butter, Nec4
2022Cheese; Natural And Processed2086
2022Cheese Spreads, Dips, Pastes, And Other Cheese Products893
2022Cheese; Natural And Processed, Nec397
2023Dry, Condensed And Evaporated Dairy Products605
2023Baby Formulas175
2023Condensed, Concentrated, And Evaporated Milk Products86
2023Dried And Powdered Milk And Milk Products56
2023Dry, Condensed, Evaporated Products, Nec821
2024Ice Cream And Frozen Deserts4115
2024Ice Cream And Ice Milk799
2024Dairy Based Frozen Desserts168
2024Nondairy Based Frozen Desserts144
2026Fluid Milk1413
2026Milk And Cream, Except Fermented, Cultured, And Flavored347
2026Fermented And Cultured Milk Products251
2026Fluid Milk, Nec36
2032Canned Specialties675
2032Beans And Bean Sprouts, Canned, Jarred, Etc.68
2032Ethnic Foods, Canned, Jarred, Etc.814
2032Soups And Broths, Canned, Jarred, Etc.122
2032Canned Specialties, Nec89
2033Canned Fruits And Specialties1676
2033Tomato Products, Packaged In Cans, Jars, Etc.908
2033Jams, Jellies, And Preserves, Packaged In Cans, Jars, Etc.1199
2033Fruits And Fruit Products, In Cans, Jars, Etc.814
2033Vegetables And Vegetable Products, In Cans, Jars, Etc.327
2034Dried And Dehydrated Fruits, Vegetables And Soup Mixes743
2034Dried And Dehydrated Soup Mixes112
2034Dried And Dehydrated Fruits184
2034Dried And Dehydrated Vegetables81
2035Pickles, Sauces, And Salad Dressings966
2035Seasonings And Sauces, Except Tomato And Dry577
2035Pickled Fruits And Vegetables326
2037Frozen Fruits And Vegetables807
2037Frozen Fruits And Vegetables312
2037Fruit Juices499
2038Frozen Specialties, Nec1465
2038Frozen Specialties, Nec, Nec567
2041Flour And Other Grain Mill Products1166
2041Doughs And Batters741
2041Flour Mixes92
2041Flour And Other Grain Mill Products, Nec167
2043Cereal Breakfast Foods1241
2043Cereal Breakfast Foods, Nec96
2044Rice Milling360
2044Rice Milling, Nec1158
2045Prepared Flour Mixes And Doughs356
2045Flours And Flour Mixes, From Purchased Flour220
2045Doughs And Batters, From Purchased Flour52
2046Wet Corn Milling265
2046Corn And Other Vegetable Starches134
2046Corn Oil Products29
2046Corn Sugars And Syrups28
2046Corn Milling By-products28
2047Dog And Cat Food1187
2047Dog And Cat Food, Nec318
2048Prepared Feeds, Nec5176
2048Cereal-, Grain-, And Seed-based Feeds752
2048Feeds From Meat And From Meat And Vegetable Meals200
2048Prepared Feeds, Nec, Nec1248
2051Bread, Cake, And Related Products6039
2051Breads, Rolls, And Buns1806
2051Cakes, Pies, And Pastries2596
2051Bread, Cake, And Related Products, Nec1958
2052Cookies And Crackers1093
2052Cookies And Crackers, Nec1413
2053Frozen Bakery Products, Except Bread450
2053Frozen Bakery Products, Except Bread, Nec118
2061Raw Cane Sugar223
2061Dry Cane Sugar Products, Except Refining20
2061Liquid Cane Sugar Products, Except Refining201
2062Cane Sugar Refining425
2062Cane Sugar Refining, Nec10
2063Beet Sugar192
2063Dry Beet Sugar Products, Except Refining27
2063Liquid Beet Sugar Products, Except Refining13
2064Candy And Other Confectionery Products4797
2064Fruit And Fruit Peel Confections2119
2064Candy And Other Confectionery Products, Nec1013
2066Chocolate And Cocoa Products879
2066Cacao Bean Processing488
2066Cocoa And Cocoa Products33
2067Chewing Gum92
2067Chewing Gum, Nec4
2068Salted And Roasted Nuts And Seeds354
2068Salted And Roasted Nuts And Seeds, Nec162
2074Cottonseed Oil Mills122
2074Cottonseed Oil Mills, Nec16
2075Soybean Oil Mills376
2075Soybean Oil Mills, Nec92
2076Vegetable Oil Mills, Nec136
2076Vegetable Oil Mills, Nec, Nec32
2077Animal And Marine Fats And Oils532
2077Animal Fats, Oils, And Meals531
2077Marine Fats, Oils, And Meals567
2079Edible Fats And Oils300
2079Margarine And Margarine Oils192
2079Shortening And Other Solid Edible Fats135
2079Edible Fats And Oils, Nec376
2082Malt Beverages3692
2082Malt Beverage Products2318
2082Malt Beverages, Nec1143
2083Malt, Nec17
2084Wines, Brandy, And Brandy Spirits4672
2084Brandy And Brandy Spirits6740
2084Wines, Brandy, And Brandy Spirits, Nec339
2085Distilled And Blended Liquors941
2085Distiller's Dried Grains And Solubles, And Alcohol1331
2085Cordials And Premixed Alcoholic Cocktails253
2085Distilled And Blended Liquors, Nec72
2086Bottled And Canned Soft Drinks7075
2086Iced Tea And Fruit Drinks, Bottled And Canned3489
2086Pasteurized And Mineral Waters, Bottled And Canned810
2086Carbonated Soft Drinks, Bottled And Canned2465
2087Flavoring Extracts And Syrups, Nec1226
2087Food Colorings299
2087Beverage Bases, Concentrates, Syrups, Powders And Mixes417
2087Flavoring Extracts And Syrups, Nec, Nec214
2091Canned And Cured Fish And Seafoods542
2091Fish And Seafood Soups, Stews, Chowders, Canned Or Packaged111
2091Shellfish, Canned And Cured525
2091Fish, Canned And Cured187
2091Canned And Cured Fish And Seafoods, Nec93
2092Fresh Or Frozen Packaged Fish1631
2092Fresh Or Frozen Fish Or Seafood Chowders, Soups, And Stews68
2092Prepared Fish Or Other Seafood Cakes And Sticks35
2092Fresh Or Frozen Packaged Fish, Nec381
2095Roasted Coffee1443
2095Roasted Coffee, Nec503
2096Potato Chips And Similar Snacks904
2096Potato Chips And Other Potato-based Snacks171
2096Corn Chips And Other Corn-based Snacks294
2096Potato Chips And Similar Snacks, Nec77
2097Manufactured Ice1578
2097Manufactured Ice, Nec199
2098Macaroni And Spaghetti418
2098Macaroni And Spaghetti, Nec656
2099Food Preparations, Nec7271
2099Baking Powder And Soda, Yeast, And Other Leavening Agents243
2099Dessert Mixes And Fillings3209
2099Seasonings And Spices934
2099Sauce, Gravy, Dressing, And Dip Mixes452
2099Ready-to-eat Meals, Salads, And Sandwiches2003
2099Pasta, Rice, And Potato, Packaged Combination Products856
2099Food Preparations, Nec, Nec2397

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