Your Best Connection To America's List Market

Your Best Connection To America's List Market

  Database Services


Our Data Processing services can help you analyze your customers, consolidate your files, target selected audiences and fine-tune your marketing program so you can reach the best prospective customers.
  • NCOA Services (National Change of Address)

    NCOA (National Change of Address)

    Our NCOA service helps identify people and organizations that have recently moved.

    We compare your file against the U.S. Postal Service National Change Of Address file. When we detect a client record that contains a former address, we correct the record to the new address.

    Once your file has been updated it will reduce the undeliverable mail by providing current addresses, thus reducing your mailer's costs.

  • List Enhancement

    List Enhancement

    Our Business or Consumer Enhancements provides you with information about the records in your file for improved marketing.

    You specify the data enhancements I.E. Age, Income, Homeowners, Business size, Sales Volume, etc. and we will compare your file against our data base. We will append or overlay the information from our file to yours.

    We offer over 250 selections of demographics of lifestyle data points. This data covers virtually every type of consumer interest.

    Our Business Enhancements offers a choice of 70 data items that identify employee size, fax numbers, sales volume, SIC code, company name, and many other choices.

  • Merge / Purge

    Merge / Purge

    Is the process of identifying duplicate records, edits, DMA Panders and undeliverable records.

    Merge / Purge processing can be customized according to your mailer's needs. For one example if they wanted to suppress males from a mailing we are able to do so. Here are two more examples Gender, Dwelling Unit Type. This process also searches for and deletes duplicate names.

    Once the Merge / Purge process has been completed. the undeliverable records will also have been removed. Now your file is ready to be shipped to your mail house via e-mail or CD ROM.

  • Data Suppression

    Data Suppression

    We use Data Match processing to identify names on our Consumer and Business files.

    We compare your file against a selection from our file that fits the client defined market.The objective is to supply you with unique records that exist within our database. For an additional fee we can Enhance / Append data to your records as well.

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